I had such an awful dream last night, I have never felt so rejected and hurt. I was so relieved when I woke, but now I have these lingering feelings that I don’t know how to get rid of and I feel a bit nauseous. 

facebook succeeds in making me feel lonely 95% of the time

this thing keeps happening where whenever I’m sad I think “I have no friends, why doesn’t anyone like me? I’m so lonely” and then when I’m happy I think “I have so many friends, people care about me and I have a great social life!” and every time I believe myself even though it’s going from one to the other every week…. weird. 

so beautiful, Gyuto monks come to Fremantle every year and you can sit and meditate with them as they chant 

Blue Beard’s wife. I wish I could wake up everyday to hair like this.